D Double E & Ghetts rep East London in ‘Where Do We Come From?’

D Double and Ghetts bang out for East London and the heavy, hard and hazardous “Where Do We Come From?”

The two big spitters - one hailing Forest Gate; the other hailing Plaistow; both representing Newham – launch into this Borough banger by giving us a full narrative on where they come from. Produced by Merlin, we are tied to the instrumental’s large, dark and epic tones via a distorted yet sweet vocal sample, reesey (reese bass) sounding bass, high spiking choir yelps, and snapping percussion.

As the pair unleash the reality of their environments and past, we are pounded with infamous adlibs, chilled imagery, and the wickedest of flows and bars; receiving a performance and banger as would be expected from two of the UK’s best MCs.

Though not with a video yet, it’s a sure thing to bet one is on the way.

Find D Double E on Twitter and Instagram for more updates; and Ghetts on Twitter and Instagram.