Esskay internalises horror-monster ‘Myers’ to silence his enemies

Esskay drops a Halloween special into the hat this year, as he gruesomely fantasises on silencing his enemies in “Myers”.

The Cheshunt barrer is no stranger to descriptive or frightening lyrics - not the imaginative imagery, nor the dark depths his thoughts go to. This Halloween he channels an infamous serial killer within, to lay waste to unworthy opponents.

Esskay does so over a similarly frightening Frampster production; caked together with spine-chilling bells, brass echos, and blood-curdling bass.The visuals, directed by Alex Frances, paint Esskay in a dark horror - masked, reciting his most menacing thoughts.

Esskay’s joint EP with Slough MC Byron, entitled Artform, is set to be released November 15th - their previous track “Bars On Mic” can be viewed here.

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