Ghetts pens emotive tribute in 'Legends Never Die'

We took a brief dive into the references contained within

Ghetts latest song, "Legends Never Die", is an emotive tribute to various artists that Ghetts was friends with or played an important role in UK garage, grime, or the UK rap scene and have since passed away. The music video is framed with Ghetts sitting in a cinema, watching old footage of those mentioned within. Ghetts' calm demeanor backed by a mellow instrumental makes for a heart pulling song. There is a recurring theme that, though they have passed, they are still with us, perhaps best expressed in the Post-Chorus: "Lost a friend and gained an angel".

The track opens up with a tribute to Stormin who, after many years of battling cancer, sadly passed away last year. Both artists grew up in Plaistow, East London, and were members of N.A.S.T.Y Crew. Ghetts credits Stormin for giving him the blueprint for making music. This is followed by a reference to Crazy Titch, a prominent grime artist during its burgeoning years and also a resident of Plaistow. Crazy Titch was jailed for life in 2006, leading Ghetts to note how easy it "coulda been him" as well if he hadn't managed to escape crime through music. The music video features a clip of Crazy Titch spitting on Young Man Standing.
Mandem fi know / When they hear me say Escobar, I mean Gavin Defoe
Next, Ghetts pays homage to Esco, the inspiration behind his 2014 song "Esco's Spirit". Esco (or Escobar) was a member of Slew Dem Crew and well respected MC during his time. In 2009, he was assaulted and unfortunately did not survive his injuries. The music video features a clip of Esco's Risky Roadz freestyle.
I pray death don't come for me / But if it does, I'll be in good company
Ghetts also shouts out MC Sparks, N.E (Nu Era), Major Ace, and Tubby T. 
MC Sparks was a prominent UK garage MC behind songs such as "Funky Flava", a clip of which is showcased in the music video. He passed away in 2014. N.E, who was the founder of South London grime crew OGz, passed away in 2009 after a heart attack. Major Ace was a UK garage and grime MC and member of pioneering UK garage crew, Pay As U Go. He passed away in 2017 after experiencing a heart attack. A clip of his 2002 Birthday Bash is showcased in the music video. Tubby T was also a significant garage artist during the 2000s. A clip of his song "Ready She Ready" is showcased in the music video. Tubby T sadly experienced a fatal stroke in 2008.

The verse ends a reference to Cadet and Depzman. Depzman was a rising MC from Birmingham who was killed in 2013. Cadet was sadly killed earlier this year when the taxi he was a passenger of experienced a car crash.
Jaykae's got the spirit of Depzman (Depzman) / And if anyone can make Cadet live forever, then Krept can
The chorus features another homage to fellow MC and friend Stormin, employing an apt interpolation of Stormin's chorus from "Day By Day" (which is also sampled in the outro) wherein Stormin introduced Ghetts as "Ghetto" for the first time.

The second verse is mostly dedicated to Wallace, a friend of Ghetts' who rarely picked up the mic himself, although he did feature prominently on a classic Ghetts release, "Brainless". Ghetts notes how he used to "beg" Wallace to rap more. In 2010, he was unfortunately killed. The verse ends with a reiteration of what he had said prior in regards to Stormin and Escobar. 

Prior to the songs end, a shoutout is also given to British reggae artist, Smiley Culture, a significantly influential artist within UK soundsystem culture. Smiley passed away in 2011.

To listen to the song yourself, be sure to check the music video linked below. For more Ghetts, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.