Grime Gran sits down with Krept & Konan and Ashley Walters in her first episode on E4

Grime Gran presents an 'Up Yours Production'

Grime Gran (real name Margie Keefe), the 80 year old grandmother to Risky Roadz founder Roony Keefe and 'nan to the grime scene'. In the series, she sits down with various artists she's met over the years as a result of Risky Roadz and talks about their histories and what they're currently upto. The latest episode is the first to be hosted on E4.

The episode features Grime Gran discussing the perks to her new-found stardom, Krept & Konan's recent activism regarding not demonising UK drill music, their self-owned restaurant, and their recently released album Revenge Is Sweet. She also sits down with Ashley Walters to discuss the making of his show Top Boy.