Jaykae & Dapz OTM separate the strong from the weak in the unexpected 'Froggy 2'

Birmingham artist's Jaykae and Dapz OTM unexpectedly unite once again to create a special moment, after 4 years since the first. The pair separate the strong from the weak on "Froggy 2".

Returning to P110 after 4 years since "Froggy" dropped, the duo completely rip into this frozen production – one crafted by the brilliant mind behind the likes of Froggy EP, "That Crack", "Straight Up Remix" and more; Thomas Mellor  Showering choir hums and chilling pads present an isolated tone. Jaykae is first to pure in the passion. With a powerful flow and demeanour, Jaykae delivers a heartfelt performance, as he is know known for. Spewing the deep, the real, the honest, and the personal – Jaykae drags us into his environment, and checks those that aren’t meant there.
“If you’re feeling froggy then leap”
Dapz enters on a melodic tip and questions, “Who’s running our city?” He follows up on a similar vibe to Jaykae - pulling us into the Brum environment; showing us around from his perspective; and clarifying the clear difference between those that can weather the storm and those that can’t.

Running up against the original “Froggy” was always going to be a difficult task. However, the Brum pair delivered well and without a moment’s notice. Receiving very little promo if any, this track was just dropped on us by the same platform that broadcast #1; P110. Sick to see the every one involved connect like this again and offer some good music.

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