Kamakaze reminisces to simpler days in ‘BLG’

Kamakaze thrusts upon us nostalgia, warm synths, passionate melody, young hearts and pure art in “BLG”.

“We had art, we had heart, fuck a sales projection chart / It was calm, we had garage to stay warm / Break of day, see the morn’, it’s a long way to walk yard / But it’s further when you leave, BLG I miss the park”

Kamakaze pens a way to portray a genuine longing for past memories and simpler times as the chorus says it all. These lyrics are constructed well - relatable; poetic; wishful and meaningful. Like one has suddenly awoken to reality and current stresses, thus naively paints past pictures into their memories; yearning to return.

Producer Swick’s, warm and pure synths - truly hypnotic - embody a young, energetic but passionate and heartening grime vibe. This holds us steady in the moment as Kamakaze skates about with his raps and thoughts.

BLG was a rap crew made up of Kamakaze and close affiliates. “The Park” was released 8 years ago - understanding this makes his lyrics to this latest record even more sweet to the ear.

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