Meridian Dan holds an insightful & uplifting conversation in ‘Yo G’

Meridian Dan sits comfy, seemingly posted up in a studio, to share conversation in “Yo G”. And he “will run a man down on horseback”.

The first thing to mention is this monstrous instrumental. The Tottenham man performs his distinct, crystal clear, relaxed flow, and the beat runs mean. As a cold melody flits above, pounding brass pulsates the ground, whilst sharp percussion cracks everything in between - a sweet delicacy, fused with intense momentary pressure.

The visuals show Dan sitting back, reciting his lyrics, in a home video type of way. Sitting up front and personal, he begins in conversation after “Yo G, what’s gwarning / Still hungry, still starving”. The entire record feels like he is speaking about a particular person, but does not present their name.

He first talks on his own excellence and accomplishments, and certain insights into him and his past. The latter part presents him talking to “you” - a particular someone or potentially directing his attention to each listener. Whatever the case, it holds key, uplifting takeaways that everyone can take value in  - motivation, focus, options, routes, doing it yourself, and more.

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