MUHLA brings politics to his grime instrumentals on 'Bits Vol.2'

Part of the new Bristol wave and a co-founder of the city's Too Much Collective, MUHLA is a producer to keep a close eye on. Following up the release of Bits Vol.1 in the summer (if you haven’t heard it yet, make sure to listen here), the next instalment of his collection has arrived.

Bits Vol.2 puts an orchestral sound to MUHLA’s style of grime across three tracks, as well as embracing a political edge. ‘The Next Generation’ begins the EP like the opening of a film score, building tension with epic swells of brass and a driving drum beat. ‘Austerity’ is closer to classic grime, mixing organic strings and horns with shifting yet unrelenting percussion and injections of dense bass. ‘Etonian’ has a light and nimble first impression, as swift melodies play above sterner low frequency stabs, all held together by ticking hi-hat rhythms and sharp snares.

For an additional less political bonus, make sure to download the EP in full: an unlisted fourth track with a powerful JoSoSick vocal is included, showing that MUHLA is still always  capable of producing bangers alongside his turning in some more experimental directions.

Listen to and download Bits Vol.2 below now.

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