OUAG presents Sunday Sets: 012

We're back for our second Sunday Sets of November with another host of Grime sets for your eyes and ears. Mode FM, PyroRadio and Rinse FM all play their part as usual, with a welcome addition from Kiss FM as Rude Kid hosts Ten Dixon, Bzerk and Jon E Clayface on his Kiss Grime show.

DJ Oblig's final show on Pyro Radio was a big one featuring a variation of MCs on the mic. OG'z Jendor opens up alongside Queenie before Mic Ty, Reece West, Melvillous, Manga Saint Hilaire, Logan, Discarda and Jammz all take to the mic too. It's not one to be missed.

Another set featuring various MC's is the 'Call of Duty: Townhouse' launch party. Rinse FM pulled together an impressive line up including avid gamer P Money, D Double E, Flowdan and Jammer, plus So Solid's Asher D. Silencer was on the decks as was Faze Miyake too for his own solo offering.

Wrapping us this week we head north of the river as Mode hosts the OP Nation Records show with Hitman Tiga, Pauly Papers, Logan & Treble Clef, and then back down south to Reprezent with Kirby T and SBK.

Ten Dixon, Bzerk & Jon E Clayface on KISS Grime with Rude Kid

Oblig's final set on Pyro Radio

Silencer with P Money, Flowdan, Ashley Walters, D Double E, Jammer plus more at the 'Call of Duty: Townhouse' launch party.

The OP Nation Records Show on Mode FM with Hitman Tiga, Pauly Papers, Logan & Treble Clef

Kirby T with SBK on Reprezent Radio