Swifta Beater ensembles a menacing cloud of MCs for Halloween’s ‘Mike Myers’

The well-renowned producer calls upon the dark minds of Lady Leshurr, Remtrex and Bowzer Boss for a spooky “Mike Myers”.

Swifta has been on a run off dropping his own official records for a minute, and now we are present a Halloween special consisting of some of the hardest names in Birmingham. Strutting in with a shattering ensemble of brass, the beat commences. It quickly blackens its tone as eerie bells enter; following an injection of bounce as the lively percussion breaks through.

Bowzer’s commanding presence controls the chorus as he warns of those testing. Remtrex grabs the mic for the first verse - demanding full attention from a solid tone and flow. Leshurr slices into the mic for the second verse with her sharp delivery and venomous syllable accents.

The visuals presenting haunting shots of gouls and masked up monsters, as we witness a cold kidnapping.

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