Tamz & Switcha showcase their synergy in Back To Back freestyle

"Heard someone say grime is dead. Dead? You're smoking crack stones"
JDZMedia has been flying the flag for Birmingham with a fresh Road Rage from Tana and this energetic Back To Back freestyle from Tamz and Switcha. The duo emerged in the Brum rap scene around 4 years ago; Tamz debuted back in 2014 when he featured on 5Star Media. 2019 has been a particularly active year for him, with a number of UK Rap releases such as "Scene Smasher", "No Hook", and a "Hoods Hottest" on P110. Switcha also came through in 2014, via a freestyle released on Krown Media.

The Back to Back features energetic chemistry between the two, who ride off of each other's bars as if they were conversing with each other, providing ad-libs in the interim. They both lay into an instrumental produced by Zeph Ellis in 2017 called "Nail Bomb". The two finish off with a firm reminder that grime is indeed not dead.

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