Blakie & PK have $$$ in their eyes on 'Money All The Time'

Blakie and PK focus on C.R.E.A.M; the energetic and lyrical duo partner styles and chase ‘Money All The Time’.

The instrumental is grimey. Produced by Valentino 343, the beat showcases a warm bell-type timbre for the main melody. This runs through the melody as we enter the song’s introduction. As we listen to this ringing instrument, our vision is grabbed by the comical music video. The first few shots show PK loading up weaponry, assumingly getting ready for a heist. Whilst Blakie can be seen mopping floors; receiving aggro from an employer. Both pretty funny, and present a decent contrast of the routes people take for money.

The narrative is clear of course:
“M, O, N, E, Y / Tryna get money all the time / Tryna get pounds and dollar signs / And I got cash that’s on my mind”
PK begins his raps whilst on the way to stick up this bank. He proceeds to walk into ‘SantanDave’ and wave about his shotgun; to which janitor Blakie is working. Shit goes down before Blakie performs his verse - on the floor, gun in face. He touches on relatable dealings with wonga - bills, grown up stuff, never having enough, tiresome jobs, longed dreams of the future, and always chasing the P.

The pair divide the 3rd verse between them, as the visuals portray the events of the bank robbery. It’s a decent some from the talented guys, and one accompanied with an interesting and creative video.

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