Donation Dubs 002: November 2019

We're back again with another instalment of Donation Dubs, supplying grime tracks that are either free to download or pay-what-you-choose. First off, special mentions have to go to both Muhla's Bits Vol.2 and SBK and Fork and Knife's single 'Bars', two high quality free downloads that have already been reviewed by us in the last month - make sure to check both out if you haven't already.

After that, read below for a wide selection of the best that we found while digging online. Although all the tracks included are free to download, please consider paying something towards any tracks you like, to support the artists behind them:

Jock Club – Mud Bootleg

Although the collection as a whole is a mashup of a range of genres, this remix of Capo Lee and D Double E's 'Mud' is no doubt a grime banger. Jock Club, hailing from Arizona, brings the heat with an instrumental that combines choppy percussion with low rebounding basslines, while the MCs' vocals are left pristine, allowing the bars to remain central. The rest of the SEIZED WEAPONS compilation is definitely worth a listen to as well, even if its not all grime.

Dubzta – Saw

Dubzta can be relied upon to supply some of the best beats around, and this is no different. Remixing the theme from the legendary series of horror films, he crafts a song that swiftly shifts between atmospheric piano and strings to electric sub-bass, dripping with distorted accents.

Silencer – 10 Freaky Girls (Remix)

Flipping a tune from Metro Boomin and 21 Savage, veteran producer Silencer creates a cut crying out for an MC. It's easy to imagine 16s and 32s being traded over the jumpy drums, brass stabs and low-buzzing bass.

Urban Linkz – Grime Pays: Volume 2

There are too many highlights on this compilation from Bournemouth-based Urban Linkz to go through track by track. It's not all perfect, but the sheer number of strong rising MCs on this one mixtape make it a must-listen. Hit play on the first few songs and you'll see what we're talking about.

M4XW311 – Blip

Out of Canada, M4XW311 has dropped this engrossing single, 'Blip'. Drawing on some of the sound palettes found in the wave sub-genre, the track supplies flowing arrangements and ethereal synths alongside marching percussion. 'Blip' succeeds where many others have failed, striking an uncanny balance between a dark, menacing mood and more light, airy sounds.

Badness – Lava 3: The Easter Bunny EP

It's not exactly fresh, but this EP from Badness, released in 2015, is now available for download via Bandcamp. The five tracks cover a lot of ground, with Devilman, Dizzle Kid, Killa P and Mr Traumatic all featuring to spit on a variety of styles. For a taste of honest, stripped back grime energy, look no further.