Dot Rotten traces Jme's flow in fiery '96 Bars of Revenge' remix

The spirit of Dot Rotten has been alive and well lately, and he hasn't been holding back. In the span of two weeks, he has dropped a Jay1 diss, a Steel Banglez diss, and now, a Jme diss in the form of a '96 Bars of Revenge' remix.

This particular release stems from recent allegations Dot has made, claiming that Jme may have stolen his production style and, in the case of "Too Many Man", his bars. Perhaps not coincidentally, Dot Rotten has a planned album release date coming up soon in January.

The remix, which is dubbed 'Jme Flow', sees Dot provide his own spin to many bars from the original '96 Bars of Revenge' released by Jme in 2006. As Dot explains, "I'm tracing Jme's flow fam, it's called seamless art".

Listen to the track below, and follow Dot Rotten on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.