Fill your stocking with this Christmassy EP from Khabs

Bringing some mid-winter heat, Manchester-based producer Khabs has dropped a short EP of Christmas-themed beats, What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas? 

This isn't just a case of adding a few festive samples to generic instrumentals, though - each song is purposefully crafted and brilliantly executed. The title track cuts and mashes the classic from The Emotions into a swift, grimey mover, completed with sleigh-bells and the compelling vocal that adds a greater sense of introspection and feeling. 

"Chesnuts and thaa" is a slight surprise, as Khabs opts for a much moodier tone. Minimalist percussion, icy synth chords and murmuring but impactful bass are introduced by the opening lines of "The Christmas Song", while the familiar and delicate sliding strings balance the darker, heavier elements of this instrumental.

Finally, the vibe lifts and soars with "Give Love On Crimbo Day". Alternating between sweet, bouncing R&G and those tender sung melodies of the original, its the perfect, heartwarming end to the collection.

Listen to and purchase What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas? on Bandcamp below.
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