J Beatz pulls together eight other producers for 'The Remix Project 2'

©Courtney Francis Photography @courtneyfphoto

J Beatz has been featured on Once Upon a Grime since the beginning, and has consistently blessed our speakers with a plethora of beats over the years. His latest release, out on his own Crown Jules label, maintains his impressive track record.

The Remix Project 2 combines his reworks of other's instrumentals with remixes of J Beatz' own tracks. Solemn, Levlz, LJ, Lewi B, P Jam, and Danny D all supply instrumentals to the EP, including a frenzied version of 'Parrallel' from Solemn and P Jam's 'Stinjan' remix that adds more ragged distortion to the already formidable original. Meanwhile, J Beatz draws for Neffa-T's dark heater 'Poison Clan', as well as chopping and twisting Potentz's 'Ricky' into a heavy but still bouncing beat.

Listen to and purchase The Remix Project 2 through Bandcamp below, and make sure to follow J Beatz on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.