Kamakaze brings us yet another wave of ‘BLG‘ energy with remix

Making it a hat-trick, Kamakaze continues this “BLG” focus and gathers original members for a flashback remix.

This is the third installment in the series of “BLG” from Leicester City rapper, Kamazkaze. The first being, the single; and the second being the music video. Not to waste this fantastic record and passionate narrative, he now seeks assistance from Cornelius and Twisted Pennys – assumedly members from his childhood crew, BLG.

Kamakaze lays us with some new bars for this remix. Jumping right in, he touches more on his home-city, his younger years, and relatable thoughts of nostalgia and moving on. After a first chorus, Cornelius steps in with a rapid and fiery flow. He speaks on similar subjects to Kam, but also looks to this current age; of his path and his family. Twisted Penny concludes the verses with a shout out to past drug use, his generation, skaters, spitters, nittys, and ends on a warming bar: “Telling fables round the table, till the angels come and get me”.

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