Kamakaze links with Risky Roadz for ‘Know the Levels’ freestyle

Kamakaze stays in the limelight after "BLG" series, with a Risky Roadz "Know the Levels" freestyle.

Rooney ‘Risky Roadz’ has formed a tangible freestyle platform since its creation earlier this year. The likes of Novelist, Manga, Double S have blessed the mic; and more recently, Sharky Major, Bonkaz and Jafro. Leicester City’s Kamakaze know borrows the podium to deliver a ferocity of bars.
“Still got friends in Uni and friends in slammers / Still got bars and I still got bangers”
Over a calm and touching J Beatz production, Kam Dog ventures through a range of topics - the personal, the competitive, the introspective; but all real. Kam is frequently an MC with quality substance within his lyrics, and here is no different.

It offers yet another honest look into his focus - “Man had things under construction / Man took the gears and up’ed them”; his thoughts - “But still kids get locked in the system / Judged for their pigment”; his pressures – “And I can’t lie, not blowing’s taking its toll”; and where his heart is - “Only two women have a place in my heart / And I can’t lie, that’s my babes and my marge”.

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