Koder releases a short visual for 'Deep Down'

Photography by Graeme Day

Following the release of his Kameleon EP 1, Koder has posted a short video to accompany 'Deep Down'. The track recounts the turning point in his life, having a child while still a teenager on road.

The two minute visuals shifts suddenly between hazy, warm shots of Koder and his family in a playground as fragments of 'Deep Down' play, and harsh iPhone footage depicting threats and an attack against the MC and his young boy at a bus stop. The contrast of introspection and vulnerability from Koder with the sudden violence demonstrate exactly what we speaks about in his lyrics, offering a realistic take on the struggles he has faced. 

Watch the music for 'Deep Down' below now, and stream the track in full on Spotify. Don't forget to check out our recent interview with Koder too.