Manga Saint Hilare & Murkage Dave surprise us with a joint project

Photography by Grant Brydon

Whilst we've been patiently waiting for Manga Saint Hilare to release a project and therefore claim the title of 'best Grime project of the year' for the third time in a row, little did we know he's been working on something less Grimey with Murkage Dave. Don't worry though, Manga's re-assured us more Grime is coming, but Jme or P Money can claim the title this year instead.

After a listening party last week in association with Levi, "We Need To Look After Us" was unusually dropped on Monday, not a Friday like the new tradition of release dates.

Less grime, more UK garage and good vibes is what you can expect from these two. A match-up which makes plenty of sense once you think about it. But it wasn't a match up we expected to put out a body of work together, that's for sure.

The opening and title track is something that wouldn't be out of place on The Streets' 2008 album 'Everything is Borrowed'. Whilst the Tre Mission (one of two) produced track "Sweetboy Settings" sounds like Artful Dodger could easily place their tag on top of it and you wouldn't question the authenticity. This project is full of surprises and each one is welcomed. Thinking outside of the box has always been a niche of Manga's music and has kept his fans interested in his journey over the years, whilst gaining many more on the way. 'We Need To Look After Us' is going to continue that tradition.

Garage music is the predominant sound of this release. The genre is having a small revival as of such as many artists have started dabbling with the old school sound they grew up on. "Walk the Walk" alongside "Me +3" will be a couple of tunes you'll be hearing out in the raves very soon (fingers crossed).

"Weird kid in the ends, there was always one, in my ends blud, the weird kid was me"

"Weird Kid In The Ends" (the other track Tre Mission produced) going from the reaction on social media has been one of the highlight tracks which has gripped Manga and Dave Murkage's listeners. A reflective track reminiscing back to days of growing up and not fitting in.

The pair started off their joint venture strong and finished it the same way with a second part of the lead and title track. A deeper and more bassy cut compared to the opener.

"We Need To Look After Us" is a brilliant offering of both talents. Well thought and conceptual lyrics, solid beat selection, plus the visually you know the levels will be sky high too. The artwork is a reference to the St Lucian flag and of course, two people people hugging too.

Stream the release below, pick up tickets to the live show in London on Monday, plus don't forget to follow both Manga and Murkage Dave on their Instagram and Twitter pages too.

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Murkage Dave - Instagram/Twitter