Southpoint closes out the year with a varied instrumental compilation

Southpoint have returned with the next iteration of their compilation series, Southpoint Presents, Vol. 7. Featuring grime, bassline, garage, dubstep, UK funky and everything in-between, the collection gives a great insight as to what the label has to offer. There's even an unexpected taste of techno.

Focusing in on the grime-inspired inclusions, the promising list of producers does not disappoint. Jakebob’s “Shanty Shank” strikes the perfect balance between a carefully considered tune and those powerful weighty hits as per usual, and “Future” by Hamdi is near impossible to confine to a single genre, with elements of euphoric purple dubstep sitting beside clean 808 bass and chattering hi-hats.

“Square Route” from 9TRANE and Hayz focuses on a lo-fi pallette, with an icy, washed-out synth lead and flowing, misty surroundings that seem to constantly drift in and out of focus. The result is a compelling track with swirling layers of intoxicating sound. “Taboo Tints” by Drax continues on a similar but softer vein, taking cues from wave to showcase this floating, elegant string melody.

Meanwhile, KXVU draws for a larger fanfare-esque bassline in “Shang Chi”, and Defiant brings the aggressive but pristine wobs of “Devil Jin”. Muttley’s “Hurting Me”, contrasts a light, arpeggiated top end with a thumping foundation, and Dubzta uses a delicate build up to precede the pure ragged impact of his crunching stepper “Fear”. Plus, with yet another awitch in style, Dunman crafts a rave masterpiece on “Language Of Horror”, a creeping darkside mashup of grime and breaks that deserves to be experienced on a monstrous soundsystem.

And that’s just 9 of the grimier cuts, not to mention the other 11 tracks selected by the Brighton-based imprint. Listen to Southpoint Presents, Vol. 7 in full on Spotify below.

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