Subten opens oriental sounds in 'Shaolin Temple'

Subten adopts Asian inspiration as he returns back from the "Shaolin Temple".

Subten released Substance in August and "North LDN Flows" last month. Although maybe no one has an output as crazy as current Dot Rotten, The Shellington Square MC has been keeping our ears well serviced.

He now returns "back from the shaolin temple" with this latest single. Produced by Nikul, this instrumental integrates a grime tempo with UK drill 808s. Thick bass thuds shift across pitches as a tight, icy synth rings high above. The atmosphere is lowkey and calm, matching Subten's effortless raps greatly.

The Tottenham artist boasts his live shows, fees and whips within the chorus, alongside handling smoke for other MCs - "16 bars at your temple"; "Back on smoke like menthol"; "When i spray I'm not soft and gentle". Subten proceeds to rep north London, rep grime, and prove that he's always on job in this MC world.

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