US and UK producers meet on American Grime's 'Crossed' EP

Outside of the UK, pockets of grime have been developing around the world. Across the pond, American Grime have been helping to establish the scene in their hometown of Miami and beyond. Fresh from the label comes Crossed: consisting of four instrumental collaborations, the EP brings together four UK producers with four from the USA. 

Dubzta and 3rdi’s dark cut ‘Rudeboys’ sets the tone with an ice-cold top end and rebounding bass punches. Next, ‘Liverpool Street’ from Oskuro and recently-crowded Beat Boss champ Lewi B brings heavy, panning basslines and choppy, offbeat rhythms, while Mr Skandal and SomeJerk’s ‘Cops and Robbers’ is oppressive and threatening in the best way, with atmospheric ringing bells that penetrate the dense fog of the track. Finally, Westy and BLiCKA’s ‘Combat’ combines grime with trap influences as well as purple-tinged chord stabs, for a refined, stripped-back sound.

Stream Crossed via Spotify below.

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