Voltage returns to the scene & attacks 'Blackbox' freestyle

Voltage returns to the scene in electric fashion and attacks this "Blackbox" freestyle, start to finish.

Any avid grime fan will remember Voltage, his stature in grime and circle of frequent collaborators: Scrufizzer, Maxtsa, Realist, etc. Tracks such as "Problem", his version of "Real Talk" and the madness of "Zumpi Huntah" will always be listenable.

The quick and tense instrumental comes from Leberin dubbed "Lords" and allows Voltage to jump right into it a showcase just as much fiery passion. His distinguishable flow is instantly remembered. His charged tone fuses well with his sharp, direct flow to deliver a spray of venom at the mic, within each and each bar. And he doesn't hold back...
"Funny how levels dropped so bad, since my guys stopped carrying the scene"
Voltz projects a load of bars throughout this freestyle. He touches on grime and his past, era comparison, lyrical competition, getting "charge up", the wars and gets into a serious pocket around 2:58.
Good to see this guy back.

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