A new contender appears in the Dot Rotten beef as Dizzle AP drops 'Nitty Behaviour'

The Dot Rotten-Wiley beef is heating up as we roll into the beginnings of 2020. January 1 saw the release of Jaykae's 'Shush', Wiley's 'Disrespect', and Dot's 'Gaykea'. A new, and quite strong, contender has appeared with Dizzle AP's 'Nitty Behaviour' backed by a gully bagoo/bloop-filled instrumental. The tune begins with a sample of Dot Rotten saying "fuck grime" and egging artists to come at him. Dizzle AP takes up the challenge accordingly, "Tell Dot suck his mum, she's a nitty".

The surrounding beef has been succinctly explained on Reddit. For more from Dizzle, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.