A summary of the grime producer clash of 2020

As various MC's, such as Wiley, Dot Rotten, Stormzy, SBK, and others, began 2020 in war mode, it seemed only right that producers pick up the sword and unleash upon each other as well.

The last big producer war occurred in 2013. The clash saw producers from across the scene, big and small, unleash dub after dub continually trying to one-up each other. It's been a while since we've had such a clash, at least until Beatboss champion Lewi B decided to kick things off...

We'll keep this updated for any future developments, though it appears the clash has largely been settled. Below is a run-through of every diss that was dropped during the clash.

The Prelude

On 7 December 2019, Lewi B participated in and won the Beatboss producer clash. On 26 December, Wiley tweeted, "I am only person I know who has clashed the monsters in grime all of you lot run scared all of the time 😂🙏🏾". Lewi B responded to the tweet with, "I'm still king of producer war and will spin anyone with riddim". He followed this up by enquiring about a New Years' producer war.

New Year came and went, and on 9 January Owlybeats tweeted the following, "Where’s this producer war Lewi announced? Someone gonna send for me then or you all shooketh?". After some small back and forth on Twitter, Lewi B dropped, all in good fun, the first dub of the war...

The War Commences

This was, of course, followed quickly by a response from Owlybeats:

A lot of hype talk was going on around Twitter. Many producers jumped in and expressed their interest in participating in the clash, including the legend Skream. Novelists stated he would "lick off both of your heads", in reference to Skream and Lewi B.

Lewi B followed through with two more war dubs on the same day: "Wow" (aimed at Zeph Ellis/Dot Rotten) and "Oh My" (aimed at Novelist). The following few hours would see a collection of producers all throw out war dubs aimed at Lewi B, starting with...

Sharon-Rose, at around 7:40 PM, became the third producer to enter the war, with "War Riddim (Lewi B Send)".

At around 10 PM, Shudan joined the war with "Brassmanaman", aimed at Lewi B. Olja Beats also sent at Lewi B, with "War (Lewi B Send)".

At around 11 PM, Chamber entered the war with the inventive marathon "WAR DUB 4 LEWI B Pt2". Clocking in at a full 9 minutes long, the dub is filled almost entirely with a single note and a repeating "hey" sample. The slight pause at 1:45 almost teases you with the idea that something new, something engaging will burst through, but instead, almost mockingly, the war dub equivalent of binaural beats returns.

Escalation - 12 January

12 January saw the war escalate further, with 7 producers dropping war dubs within 24 hours, beginning with the release of "96 Bar Statement" from Polonis.

At 6 PM, FR336IXTY aimed his first dub of the war at Skream with "Ramp", along with "Chicken Soup", aimed at Lewi B.

At 6:39 PM, Row D gave producers until 7 PM to "speak up" and threatened to reply by 8 PM. At 6:43 PM, he followed this up by calling producers "shook" for not taking up his offer to war. At 9:03 PM, Solemn took up the call, and at around 10:39 PM, released "About Shook (Row D Dub)".

At around 7:20 PM, DJ Saint EssKae jumped in with "Warning Shot War Dub", aimed at Lew B, Row D, and Owlybeats.

At around 10 PM, Treble Clef released "Send 4 Trebz 😅😆😉🦁🦁".

Lewi B released his third war dub, aimed generally at everyone, titled "Flippin Hell".

Bristol grime producer nothingnice also entered the 'war zone' with "Full Send", aimed at Lewi B.

The War Continues - 13 January

Kaemz released the first war dub of the 13th in a send for Polonis and Wiley in an eskibeat-infused riddim. Wiley replied on Twitter stating, "Sick but I will take ya head off in this department 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂". Polonis stated that Kaemz would not be the one who'd bring him to produce.

At around 12:35 PM, DJ Absurd, hailing from across the Channel in France, dropped his first dub of the war, the jungle-tinged "Dj Absurd - Owly Beats Send". Owlybeats responded at around 10 PM with "Au Revoir".

At around 1 PM, FR336IXTY released his third dub of the war, titled "Super Soaker", this time aimed at Row D over the aforementioned Tweets.

At 5:46 PM, Row D responded to Solemn's earlier dub with "Gollum".

At 6:30 PM, PK Brako took sights at Sir Hiss with sino-tinged "PISS AND WEE (SEND 4 Sir PISS AKA Danny WEE)".

Around 9 PM, Lewi B responded to Treble Clef with "Kyote Squares", sampling Treble's classic "Ghetto Kyote" instrumental.

The War Quietens

14 January was a relatively quiet day and, as far as we can tell, the last day in which anything significant happened. French DJ Absurd started the day with "Clear", a hefty send aimed at Sharon-Rose, and "Pigeon", a response dub towards Owlybeats.

DJ Saint EssKae decided to jump in and respond to "Clear" by DJ Absurd, and aimed some shurikens at the French DJ in "Shuriken War Dub".

At around 8 PM, FR336IXTY jumped in once again with "Shrapnel", this time aiming his sights on Sharon-Rose.

The Beefing

Mistakay entered the war with a wide scope, with his sights set on Spooky Bizzle and the entirety of Mode FM radio station on 12 January. DJ B released a reply to Mistakay's dub in the form of Big Narstie's contagious laughter. Mistakay claimed that Mode FM and the people associated with it had blackballed him and cites his loss at Beatboss as an example, though this was denied by Mode affiliates.

Around 5:40 PM on 13 January, Mode FM representative, and grime/dubstep producer El Laurie released "MISTAKAY WAR DUB".

Following this, Mistkay collabed with MC Kannan and dropped "London Bridge Is Falling Down (Wardub)". The dub contains disses aimed towards Spooky, Mode FM, Capo Lee, Discarda, J Beatz, Maxsta, Ten Dixon, Jammer, GHSTLY, Cadell, and Novelist.

On 15 January, Young dropped his own dub aimed at Mistakay, titled "Mucky". The riddim employs mucky dubstep-influenced wubs, an intentional jab after Mistakay claimed that dubstep is dead and expressed on his distaste for the word 'mucky'. Max Profit & GHSTLY XXVII also aimed their sights on Mistakay in "Noone Cares".