Cadell checks off the 'Rules of Survival'

After a notable Stormzy send, Cadell continues on the offensive and states to us the "Rules of Survival".

With a strong tone and agile flow, Cadell unveils key survival tactics in this dangerous game of grime - dangerous as we've recently seen on both sides, for the MC and producer. This face-paced instrumental forms from the fingertips of Scholar. A "survive" vocal sample presents the track's narrative as sludgy bass, a sonically hypnotising melody and nimble percussion guide us through.

Visuals flick between a night-lit Isle of Dogs and interlaced social media camera frames, as Cadell mocks certain internet fakery. He goes on to reveal his history in and out off grime, his love for the genre, snakey hating, ways to move, rule bending and keeping a plan B - as his Instagram shows, "love will get you killed".

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