Eyez laces up gloves & strikes in 'Boxing Bars'

Over a Z Dot and Krunchie production, Derby's Eyez puts on the gloves and shuffles across this mix; throwing jabs and hooks until the final bell rings of 'Boxing Bars'.

Z Dot and Krunchie have been collaborating fairly frequently as of late and a familiar sound of powerful string stabs is found also here. A more mid-toned string timbre is used to control the tempo, whilst lower-toned jolts project command at bar beginnings.

Ushered in by a welcoming, ring-side MC, Eyez gets right into his lyrically slicing delivery and tone. Amongst a tongue tie of wordplay, the rapper relates the world of boxing to other aspects in his own world. Eyez attacks with a lyrical assault and portrays a nice creativity with his ability of intertwining his bars with the boxing sport.

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