Grime gets a mellow makeover in 'Ego' from Manny-based producer Khabs

 Newcastle-born, Manchester-based producer Khabs released "Ego" in August 2019, with fellow Mancunian MC's p1caps, K.I.M.E, and Rago Loco laying some vocals over the track. The song was mastered by Chameleon Audio's MOJOE.

A new year is here, and we've been greeted with a new music video to accompany the song. "Ego" does not sound like the typical grime track. On the contrary, it seems to flip the expectations on the head and go in a completely different direction - one that is mellow, laid-back, and relaxed (Kwollem has done similar work with his 'mellow grime'), with a lo-fi aesthetic music video to match. Check it out below!

K.I.M.E: Twitter/Instagram
Rago Loco: Twitter