Grime meets punk and metal on PENGSHUi and Footsie's "Wiseman"

For a few years, PENGSHUi have been putting out material that combines metal, punk and grime, as well as giving some of the most uncompromisingly intense live performances you can imagine. If you haven’t at least seen their covers of Dizzee Rascal’s “Stop Dat” or P Money’s “Slang Like This”, then you’ve been missing out.

For their latest release, they have teamed up with Footsie on “Wiseman”, for more of the same unusual but brilliant fusion. MC Illaman trades verses with the Newham General over bassist Fatty and drummer Pravvy Prav’s heavy-as-lead instrumentation. Mixing between an overcast, built-up aggression in the verses and the explosive, combative chorus, the track shows how effective the sound that PENGSHUi are pushing forward can be. 

Watch the video for "Wiseman" below.
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