Hitman Tiga & Viral Punk release their warry 'LDN to LA' instrumental EP

Hitman Tiga and Viral Punk have released their four-track instrumental EP, LDN to LA. There’s no frills or unnecessary gimmicks: these beats are made to simply run and cause damage. Following his hosting of Beat Boss 9, Hitman Tiga has come through with his own warry creations, and don’t underestimate Viral Punk, either. Originally from the US, now living in London, he's a filmmaker and street-ware designer as well as a skilled grime producer.

The EP opens with the swirling synths and gunshot blasts of “Rusty Skeng”. Then, following the bouncing bass and clean, syncopated rhythms on “Trill Gates”, there’s a shift to an impenetrable walls of grimey noise in “Dojo”. Lastly, “Groller” is a heavy-cut slab of sub-destroying 140, with jagged bass patterns split by softer, swelling harmonies.

Stream LDN to LA, out on Op Nation Records, below.
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