Mayday & Stretch DCM bring Japanese flavours to their new 'Slowgress' EP

This time last year, Mayday & Stretch DCM dropped “The Dojo”, a melodic grime cut that took the oriental aesthetics of DubzCo’s production and added their relentless rapid-fire bars. After months of keeping us waiting, they followed up the track with a stunning music video shot in Osaka while bringing Brum vibes to Japan – plus, they documented the trip in this 85HRS IN JAPAN YouTube documentary, and have more work coming soon that features some of the most exciting acts rising out of that section of the Japanese scene.

Now, they’ve released “The Dojo” as part of their four track Slowgress EP, which draws on their time abroad. Opening with a snapshot of their experiences, “Ramen” recounts them shelling the stage on the other side of the world, but also the difficulties they faced on the way there - including getting filming equipment confiscated and broken in Beijing customs before they’d even arrived at their final destination.

“Melon Fanta” has a harder edge balanced by skippy rhythms as both MCs show their skills while constantly trading bars back and forth. Adding to the effect is Vagrant Real Estates’ instrumental, which reminds you of a classic fighting game soundtrack at the climax of a boss battle. It’s less than two minutes long, but it’s still slaps you in the face with hyped-up jumpy energy and impressive varied deliveries.

Then, Blay Vision supplies a deeper, darker production for “Pick N Roll”, as Stretch & Mayday take on a more directly competitive tone. The lyrics move through constant basketball references like “it’s not only the marks on the court that get drawn out and left in chalk” and “jab step tell a man he can’t leave me open, when I skip flows on a tune, that’s both of your ankles broken”. 

With Slowgress, Mayday and Stretch DCM show that they can back up style with substance by running with a strong theme, putting in work internationally and, in the end, creating an inspired EP.

Check out Slowgress on Spotify below.

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