OUAG presents Sunday Sets: 013

It's the first Sunday Sets of the year, our collection of some of the best sets of the week. 2020 has started quite strong this year sets wise. This week saw the usual suspects PyroRadio, Keep Hush, and Just Jam drop banging sets. American collective Earthtone rolled through Rinse FM to drop a unique international grime set.

One of the best sets of the week would be M.I.C's first birthday set at Keep Hush. The event started uniquely by opening up with a solo violinist. M.I.C was joined on stage by Kibo, Kish!, Kabz, JP, Musti, ANTI.NET, Logan, Viceroy Lindsay, Jososick & Namesbliss, and DJ Oblig and Off Licence on decks.

PyroRadio came back strong this year with a Kirby T and Scotland-based Polonis hosted set, featuring MC's Chowerman, Vital, Tips & Snapz.

Just Jam hosted three very strong sets this week, hosted Jack Dat, DJ Oblig, and General Courts, which saw dozens of MC's roll through and shell down.

Straight from New York City, Gi Major, Aions, and LordOfCiphers rolled through Rinse FM this week and shelled down with DJ Oblig on decks. Grime is international!

Lewisham-based Novelist hosted his first BBC 1Xtra residency show this week. Novelist described his show as 'all about community, conversation'. Every show, Novelist plans to premiere a song from a 'great artist, friend or foe', as well a premiere a song of his own. Clocking in at two hours long, the show is split into four segments: 
  • Nostalgia, Back To Bluetooth: This segment is dedicated to those old school, vintage grime riddims and recapturing the spirit of spitting over them with your friends in school, at the park, on the bus, etc. Jme came through and talked about his most recent project, Grime MC, followed by a 7 minute set over vintage, Bluetooth-era grime riddims. (23:56 - 37:17)
  • Wagwan Mum: Novelist sat down and had a conversation with his mother, Positive D, about the importance of family support and encouragement. (47:00 - 58:53)
  • London to OT: This segment is dedicated to Novelist sitting down and conversing with guests from outside of London that he's inspired by or fucks with. This week's guest was 18-year old MC SBK, hailing from Stevenage. The two discuss how they got in contact, the difference between London and Stevenage, what SBK would get up to when he was younger and music in his family, his recent project, and what to expect from SBK in the future. (1:09:15 - 1:31:45)
  • Behind The Scenes: This segment is dedicated to shining a spotlight on people who do a lot of work 'behind the camera' so to speak. This week's guest was Mark Haddon, CEO of Haddon PR, who discussed what his job is, his career, and how they work with artists. (1:37:55 - 1:53:22)
  • Sound Connoisseur: This segment is dedicated to listening to a selection of Nov's "favourite songs" from a variety of genres that he appreciates. (1:53:22 - 1:58:00)
Oblig w/ M.I.C, Kibo, Kish!, Kabz, JP & Musti | Keep Hush Live: M.I.C's First Birthday Party

Off Licence w/ ANTI.NET, Logan, Viceroy Lindsay, Jososick & Namesbliss | Keep Hush Live: MIC's Bday

Kirby T B2B Polonis With Chowerman, Vital, Tips & Snapz - PyroRadio


Oblig with Aions, Gi Major & LordOfCiphers - 17 January 2020