zonae marks the new year with his '2020' instrumental EP

Breaking in the new year, zonae has released 2020, a three-track EP of stylistically contrasting grime instrumentals.

First, "Sea Shanteh" fits the melody of a sailors song to a wonky bassline. Layers of accordion and flute melodies perfectly blend together in the track, giving a us something of a grime-flavoured reminder of Joker's dubstep monster "Boat".

Next there's "Etihad". With little warning, the flowing and shimmering opening aesthetics of the track are cut with rugged, brassy stabs. Zonae succeeds in creating a song that draws you in with subtly and elegance, only to sweep away those preconceptions with screwface-demanding instrumental shots. This should do some serious damage on sets in the months to come.

Finally, "Butterfly" is zonae's deconstructed take on a bass-heavy, wave-influenced grime instrumental. Swapping out the more in-your-face low-end of the other tracks for doses of buzzing bassy warmth, and stripping the track back to an edited vocal sample, ice-cold metallic sonics and intermittent drum patterns, its a great final impression from the short but varied EP.

Listen to and purchase 2020 on Bandcamp below.
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