D Power stays 'Irie' alongside Jammz, Footsie & Wiley

D Power unites grime power-houses with Jammz, Footsie and Wiley, as all remain "Irie" in latest single and visuals.

A bouncy, Heavy Trackerz, production lays the foundations for the four artists to lyrical build upon. Warm bass steps casually across the mix, whilst clean and tight drums snap the momentum. D Power offers the chorus first, stating an abundance of topics and clarifying his "irie" nature after each one.

A colourful music video depicts the MCs performing their raps within a bright set. A warm and exotic colourway is shone behind the artists, as they each provide there own context. Jammz is found sitting in a studio, shuffling through records, stating that "this year we brought vinyls back". Footsie relaxes back in a living room, watched over by Scarface, and covers a table with a giant Bob Marley flag in a salute to his Jamaican heritage and the music legend.

Luckily we are graced with a visual appearance of Wiley, who performs amongst a smokey, pitch black shot, and surrounded by clear tarpaulin. Here, East London MC nods to certain individuals, teams, and his accomplishments - "Celebrate all of the waves that we brought in / Still here like Nike". Finally, the lead artist, D Power offer his talents as he walks through each of the other sets and shares positive vibes, but clarifies that defenses are still in abundance - "I gotta thanks and that / Good health, money in the bank and that...I got packs and that / Racks and that, no shanks but I got a lotta waps and that".

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