Devlin & Syer B concoct a storm in 'Channelling Rain'; from upcoming EP

Long-time grime soldiers Devlin and Syer B are a lethal combination, as proved on their collab EP Something in the Water, amongst other records. Alongside Storm Ciara, it seems another tornado is churning, whipped up from this pair's lyrically ferocity, as they drop visuals for "Channelling Rain", taken from upcoming EP.

With a similar power and atmosphere as the likes of "Dealers" and "FU", the pair completely collide into this record. Produced by Syer B we are bombarded with a wind of icy brass, dramatic choir hits, commanding strings and slicing percussion. Both MCs lick out with sharp tongues and dangerous tones as they divide themselves from the competition. Devlin enters first: getting into the gutter, his superiority above war dubs, and unloading bars; all the while constantly sharpening his lyrical knife.

Staying steps ahead of enemies, unwavered by wanabes and delcaring a domineering stature, Syer B steps up to provide another gale. Both offer their individual flows, yet laced in similar clarity and dominant tones. Visuals from Adam Horton present the spittters in a darkened set amongst intriguing glitching effects.

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