Jakebob & Scrivs join forces for their 'Banana Shirt' instrumental EP

If you keep tabs on Slimzos Recordings, Rotpot Records or Chameleon Audio, you should be more than familiar with Scrivs, and Jakebob has been making waves with projects like Titan and Etnam Street for a while.  Now, the two meet on this four-track ‘Banana Shirt’ EP. The instrumental project is a short but sweet offering, giving us an interesting take on the sound of grime in 2020.

The title track is built in a way that will always be effective: thick, buzzing but melodic bass, paired with snappy percussion arrangements. "12 Gauge" takes a similar approach, letting the low-end sonics carry the tune while smoothing out a lot of the rougher textures and balancing the song with soft, drifting vocal chords filtering through background. "Class" takes a turn away from the previous two tracks, with slippery string loops and a more deliberate beat providing a foundation as harmonies shift and blend on top. Lastly, "Ages" switches the vibe again, adding a slightly bizarre and unpredictable edge as wavy synths spread in syncopated rhythms drive the track and the bassline takes a backseat.

Listen to Banana Shirt below now.

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