Kamakaze ponders back over 'Memories'

After the success of "BLG", Kamakaze returns with Australian producer Swick, to ponder once again over "Memories".

The pair connect distant countries in this rekindling of fond recollections. Kamakaze, being born '93, and presumably Swick in the years surroundings, other 90s babies will appreciate this nod to nostalgic child and teenage years. Aussie producer Swick, takes Eski-inspired sounds to form this sweet beat. Glistening droplets of a bright synth trickling down, sounding almost like a xylophone type of timbre, are propped up by gleaming pad-synths. Drums dominant the mix and begin a commanding rhythm; strong, sturdy and thick.

Kamakaze tells tales through his raps of a firm but flexible flow. Noting Ratchet and Clank, gun fingers and two-step skanks, Dirtee Stank, Pow!, youthfulness, chicken shops, chavs and emos, £10 top-up, mountain bikes, and more. Alongside "BLG", this is an excellent snapshot of the artists life and offers another anthem for the 90s babies.

The music video presents enjoyable scenes, made interesting by the use of a 360 camera. Gugzay returns after crafting "BLG" visuals to also shoot these - someone who is creating great and colourful videos recently for the likes of Aitch, Rex & Beano and JB Scofield (another Leicester talent). Kam takes us through, presumably, local areas of his hometown - parks, corners, streets, bedroom and makeshift studio.

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