R&G soulstress Ruby Black fuses R&B with grime music in 'Lady Death' EP

Once upon a time, it was relatively common for a female vocalist to sing over grime instrumentals. While at first glance it would appear an aggressive, jagged electronic genre and R&B-style vocals might not be the best match, the likes of Lady Ny, Gemma Fox, Sadie Ama, and many others proved otherwise in the noughties. The fusion genre, dubbed 'Rhythm & Grime', is an often underappreciated side to grime music, and while vocalists are fewer and far between nowadays, they haven't completely disappeared.

And there enters Ruby Black, an upcoming vocalist and signee to Flowdan's Spentshell record label with her latest EP, Lady Death, providing a much-needed breath of life to the vocal side of R&G. Reminiscent of R&G projects from the 00's such as Lady Ny's Split Endz mixtapes or Scratcha DVA's The Voice of Grime album, Lady Death is an engaging project that sees dark grime production intermix with Ruby's melodious vocal abilities.

Production on the project is provided by Spooky Bizzle, Filthy Gears, 28urtz, and Gallah Demtew. Check it out below!

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