Reloaded Sounds go down under for free download of Shinobi Yurei's "Fangtooth"

Since releasing their debut single, Fork and Knife's "Kashmir Stag", newly-formed Nottingham label Reloaded Sounds have continued to let tracks fly free, with both Dunman's refix of Chokez's "Ras Samurai" and Kronzy's "Champion Sound" out for download now. 

For their fourth drop, they've called in Brisbane-based Shinobi Yurei to draw for a dirtier, darker sound. Following our inclusion of his "Blockz" remix in December's Donation Dubs, this around-the-world link up promised to deliver something sizeable, and it's definitely succeeded.

On "Fangtooth", Shinobi presses instantly recognisable staples from the origins of grime to an altogether rawer, RotPot-esque instrumental hammering - listen out for eski-snares and a sample from Dizzee's "I Luv U" instrumental embedded in the depths of this jagged, distorted cut. Intermittent string bridges give the smallest sliver of respite, creating a moment of calm before the storm swells again and the frenzied beat snarls back to life.

Listen to and download "Fangtooth" below via Reloaded Sounds' SoundCloud.

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