Ten Dixon conveys the sound of the streets in 'Broken Man'

Ten Dixon recently let us into his personal side on "Mental Health" expressing serious topics and meaningful tones when compared to his usual intense shellings. He now returns now with the same grown content, but amidst a slightly more active energy on "Broken Man".

Produced by ML Dave, we venture into an calm and somewhat usual world. Scattered percussion present a mellow and abnormal rhythm, whilst a mysterious sounding synth flutters in the back. Dixon submerges himself within this vibe with a similar disorganised flow - ushering a unique, nearly explanatory delivery. These two elements combine into the distinct sound that is portrayed - something of familiarity to his W.A.V.E Gang camp.

Showing a more adult side, the Green Borough MC gets straight into social issues - of finances, employees, 'making it', and contemplative questions. The chorus presents Dixon switch up his tone to something rougher and deeper, declaring the real sound of the streets.

Catach the visuals below via Grime Originals as it will not be available on any digital stores across the UK.

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