Footsie & JME come together on 'Pepper Stew'

A rare link-up but a welcomed once that's for sure. It's the Newham Generals x Boy Better Know in the form of Footsie and JME. Suprisingly it's not Footsie on the beat too, but Kwes Darko. The pair don't go back-to-back on 'Pepper Stew', it's pretty much a 50/50 split. But there is one interesting thing about this track that you may not know about, it's set to feature on Footsie's forthcoming album entitled 'No Favours'. As for the release date of that, May 22nd.

GRM got the premier for this one, you can check out the visual below. Alongside the video you can pick up the track on Apple Music, stream on Spotify, plus follow both Footsie and JME on socials (below the video) too.

Footsie on socials - Instagram/Twitter
JME on socials - Twitter