Kenny Allstar & D Double E connect on 'It's Who'

Kenny Allstar and D Double E link up to tick an item off the DJ's bucket list with an explosive "It's Who".

Surely anytime D Double even hears a faint "who is it?" in passing, his knee-jerk reaction is a bellowing "it's!" - quick comedy skit right there. And seeing the title of this record, its only right that these are the first words echoed by the Newham General. A booming production from Lewi White offers this thunderous plain that Double can lyrically skip around. UK drill inspirations are inserted via pitch-shifting 808s and shuffling hi-hats. It's dangerous, volatile and frozen.

The visuals seem to represent Double's take on this record as you can catch moments of the MC grinning and having fun with it - almost as if it's too easy. This also heard in his bars as his distinct, famous flow is often stalled by pronounced delivers or accented tones - "long range...head top...from long range, head top cleaning". Seemingly no matter Double's many years in the game, not an ounce of talent or intrigue is lost as the rapper once again spits viciously. He takes a tone as dangerous as the instro and raps on barring warfare, lyrically bullying and headshots.

An intriguing character, novel artistry, unique flow, supreme level of bars, versatility, ads for IKEA! - what can't this man do.

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