Manga Saint Hilare & Novelist team up for 'Thoughts and Prayers'

(Photography credit: Adam Horton)

Manga’s on a roll at the minute, dropping tune after tune, after tune.  Here he is with another one alongside a visual, this time featuring Novelist.  

‘Thoughts and Prayers’, produced by Prem, is a short catchy track with a deeper message.  Novelist is on the chorus; Manga owns the verses spitting about his resilience and the hardships we all share.

‘We can't rely on each other if we can't tell the truth to ourselves. We can't lie to each other, if we cant trust the truth then we've failed.'

The accompanying visuals are simple, allowing the production and lyrics to shine. We await a feature length project from Manga coming 03.04.20, until then he has loads of music to keep us going.

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