Nasty Jack seeks 3 Face, Hitman Hyper, Sharky Major & Stormin for 'Ghetto Children'

Nasty Jack uses his voice to represent the streets alongside 3 Face, Hitman Hyper, Sharky Major and Stormin in "Ghetto Children".

Smooth, funky bass and delicately tapped, authentic hi-hats from Benjamin Blades, ushers in the song, as Nasty Jack delivers a message - via a slow-paced, 'come follow'-esque delivery in the hook. Though not before the MC licks out a verse of policing issues, criminal activity, poverty and survival in this certain environment - all topics expanded on by following artists.

This verse develops into Jack and the instro intertwining as the rapper follows harmony pattern. The, almost gentle, atmosphere changes quickly has harder bass and icy strings enter, followed by savage spiting from collaborating acts. All taking inspiration from their own lives, the concrete jungle, struggles, burdens and difficulties.

It's a nice contrast - the welcoming chorus and dangerous verses. Potentially consciously formed by Jack to portray the false sense of security and deadly nature that "ghetto children" experience.

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