P Money & Silencer slap out first single 'You Get Me', from Untraditional EP

Following on from "The Calling" - the fantastic collaboration with each other, partnership with SBTV, and support for young apprentices - P Money and Silencer emerge from the studio once more with an icy tone of "You Get Me".

Chilling strings from the Teddy Music producer snap out to paint a clean but dangerous atmosphere. There is little room for an introduction as P gets right into it with a chorus.
"Man's not like them, you get me / That's why I don't like them, you get me / We ain't gotta be friends, you get me / I don't wana pretend, you get me / Man's really from the ends, you get me / Stay real to the end, you get me"
Mean but subtle bass supports the Lewisham MC, as blunt percussion ring a rhythm. P proceeds to come back with a hunger and differentiate himself from other MCs whilst also proving he's still one of the deadliest in the game. Rapping on DIY's actions, puncturing MCs desires for wheels, and strongly repping grime from day; it's a commanding introduction to their upcoming project - "You Get Me" is taken from forthcoming EP from the pairs; Untraditional.

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