Ashlow questions those who say he ‘Don’t Do Grime’

Ashlow conjures an icy blaze of chilling bars and beats, with visuals for "Don't Do Grime". This MC is certainly not new to the scene, with past tracks like "Know What Time It Is"; "#1take"; and the more rap-styled "Fresh Home".

Most recently now, he patterns visuals for the first track from his 2019 EP Business B4 Pleaure. Sharp icicles of strings fling out as soon as we press play which sets a dangerous and cold tone, as this timbre’s melody enhances the thrill and tension. The minimal beat offers a bare landscape for us to focus on Ashlow, as other than the strings, we are greeted with simple percussion - authentic sounding to this realm of grime.

Ashlow enters questioning those doubting - “I don’t feel MCs that ain’t real MCs / Pull out the ting and peel MCs / On sight, kill MCs / Without using the steel MCs / Who said I don’t do grime?" What proceeds is a blitz of bars from the rapper on his craft, investing in himself, a Wiley shoutout, spinning man, and just a bag of determination. This joint is a nice MC hunger-style riddim - intense, full of persistent bars and energy.

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