Big Zuu, Crafty 893 & K9 whip up a savagery with 'No Hook'

After an intense "R.I.P Pussyole Mcs" that just as fiery as the "Adrenaline" classic by Choong Family, and some cold, raw "Realness"; Crafty 893 and K9 return alongside Big Zuu for "No Hook" - official release after the lyric video dropped March 25th.

We are ushered into this big riddim by surrounding guitar strums before the main bulk of the instrumental weighs down. Launching in with the first spitter, Big Zuu, tight hi-hats and snares dart amongst large pounds from 808s. This beat holds a dangerous, dominant stance, perfect for a "no hook" type joint and for these three lyricists to unleash on. 

As mentioned, Zuu enters first, spraying with an agile but strong flow. His delivery is firm, linked in parallel with his topics of his journey, lairs, little kid Mcs and of course, competitive content. Crafty follows this up with similar ferocity. Holding a slightly higher tone, the South London barrer sprays with more lethal venom - continuing the certification of his skill and dismissal of competition but rounding it off with a gully, greazy nature. K9 concludes this savagery and there's no mistaking this final MC. As his rough, "gravelly edged" tones collide with this instro, K9 plunges us into a darker realm of hazardous memories, tense moments and sinister motives.

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