Flowdan supplies a dose of reality with 'The Red Pill'

It’s been a while since Flowdan released Full Metal Jacket back in mid-2019, but his new EP, The Red Pill, is a reminder of why you can never dare to write him off. Across 4 self-produced tracks, Flowdan shows his prowess as well as calling in notable features from Snowman Baby, Jammz and Roachee.

Starting slow, the chugging instrumental on “Upset” fits Flowdan's unmistakable low-register to a tee, contrasting with Snowman Baby’s more melodic but still intense chorus. Moving to “Savage”, the tempo and energy lifts, as Flowdan and Jammz both supply swift, tekky deliveries over a hypnotising revolving melody, injecting the track with tension as they spit about the mindset it takes to survive. You can feel the same focus on “Time Is Money”, as Roachee and Flowdan's narrative shows us a brutal picture of life in a broken system: ‘Money and power is addictive, money and power is a virus’. Finally, “Tell Me Nothing” takes Flowdan on an introspective solo journey about staying real and avoiding the pointless talk of pretenders, over a meditative, pulsing instrumental peppered with gunshots and quietly wailing peripheral vocals.

Listen to The Red Pill on Spotify below.
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