Footsie calls in CasIsDead for 'Restless Jack'

Photography by Reuben Selby

Following up 'Pepper Stew' alongside JME would be a big task for some artists, but not for the Newham General that is Footsie. That track was just one out of the bag of tracks that'll feature on his forthcoming album entitled 'No Favours'. Another soon to be hit is this one here, 'Restless Jack', where Footsie has drawn for the original masked MC from our scene, Casisdead.

Production wise this is Cas' forte and Footsie catered to it perfectly. Whilst Foots kicks off the track quoting his own infamous bars before flowing effortlessly across his own creation, Cas continues smoothly and in the only way he knows, dark.

Stream and purchase 'Restless Jack' below and here, 'No Favours' will be out via Footsie's own label Studio 55 on 22nd May, plus don't forget to follow both Footsie and Cas across socials too.

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